Making intro to data handling in python nice and easy!

The datesy package provides the conversion between the file types as well as basic data inspection functions.

It is designed for an easy start into the python world and data handling in it without having to think of unnecessary basics.

Main Usage

Datesy, making DATa handling EaSY, is mostly helpful if you are looking for:

  1. inspecting complex data like searching for a path in a dictionary
  2. mapping strings and their properties



The idea to this package came during the work as a consultant with a customer where lot’s of files needed to be read, transformed, inspected etc. and no adequate tools besides searching & filtering with Excel of files partly in the range of GBs were around.

With starting to share the python insights and the code fragments, the only logical next step was do create a really reusable code fragment - a python package.

Future Development

The package is designed to be an easy start into data handling with python. Therefore, its desire is to take care of standard tasks the programmer just does not want to think of but can concentrate on the actual tasks, the data handling.

Whenever there is a task that is done too often in data handling and inspection which can be taken care of in a standardized way, this package will happily be expanded for enabling you to simplify your job.

If needed/desired, further datafile-formats will be supported for having a nice and standardized way of loading/writing those as well.


This package is designed to be used by anybody who is new to python. Therefore functions are explicitly held limited to their magic and described accordingly. There are few things really the big shit rather than simply helping with small tasks which you could have written yourself in a few lines of code but didn’t want to think about. For deep data analysis other packages are far more powerful and maybe helpful to you. Think of datesy more of the little butler taking care of some basic tasks for you.

This package is compatible to PyPy’s version 3.6.